Learn how I went from an immigrant with zero assets to achieve Financial Independence aged 34.

Are you self-employed or working in a 9 to 5 (that you possibly hate) and think that you might be working forever?

Or are you slugging away to create a side hustle or business with no hope of how this can give you the freedom lifestyle you desire?

By following the FIRE SuperPower™ roadmap, you will be able to create a desirable life that buys you back precious time in the future and gives you the options to pursue your dreams and passions.

FIRE SuperPower™ is a thorough step by step roadmap that will show you how to use the money you make today and other money-making opportunities to design a life that means that you never have to work forever and instead, money will work for you.

It also gives you a solid foundation for building wealth that will last more than one generation.

It is designed to move you from liking the idea of Financial Independence to actually taking action and making it real in your life.

This course will help you beat fear and take action that is different from the way the masses think.

Taking action gives you experience. Reading books, blogs or listening to podcasts is not enough, you must get involved, focus and take action.

The only way to lose this game is by not playing!

Ready to win?

This course answers all the important questions on where to begin the journey, how to invest your money without worry, how to adjust your money mindset and lifestyle, how to create money-making opportunities, how to make financial independence a reality in your life regardless of your income and many more.

It also includes money related tools, spreadsheets, and workbooks to make your day to day decision making easier.

Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, this could is relevant to you. It is also relevant if you live in America, Asia, Europe, Africa, or Australia.

Doing this course sets you on your path and makes financial independence achievable.

It will help you design an effective savings plan, adjust your lifestyle, invest without worry, and seek money making opportunities that will speed up your financial independence.

If you aren’t already saving and investing, then you are missing out on future wealth growth and potential for optional early retirement. However, it is not too late to start.

The best time to start was 20 years ago, the next best time to start is now!

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My Story

People working for others in a 9 to 5 or running their own businesses, can achieve financial independence if they are intentional,  make it an important priority, and design their lives and money to achieve their future dream lives.

I set off on the journey to financial independence in 2009 when I met my wife whilst attending a 3-day property investing course.

I struggled to believe initially that financial independence is something that we could achieve especially as we had fairly low incomes back then and we were still growing in our careers.

I also had a strong limiting belief around achieving financial success as an immigrant to the UK.

We dreamed of being able to balance having children with work, side hustles, enjoying life and serving in our communities.

As time passed, we started to meet more people who were on this journey to financial independence